Your TWRTimes Staff

Meet the well paid and highly trained staff of the Tanglewood Resident Times.

Shirley Kabet, Chairman and Editor.  Tanglewood News, Management News, miscellaneous stuff
Bob Larocque, Vice Chair.  Sports Editor and Dance Schedules
Betsey Ellis,  Secretary.  Words of the Week, States Well Stated
Mitzi Case, Treasurer,  Photographer

Kathy Wyatt, Church News, Sermon Guides
Dave Dinger,  Tech Support.  Tanglewoofers, Assistant Sports Editor,  General Reporting

Pam Batey,  Health Reporter
Diane Donner, Trips & Travel
Mary Lee Cipriano,  Destinations, Welcome Committee News
Penny Irilli, Sponsor Ads
Tom McKeever,  Interviews
Kristie Plank,  Library News, Book Reviews
Donna Scorse,  Special Events News
Ken Kabet,  Morning Coffee Videos
Bill Rulli,  Helpful Hints

We also have regular non-member contributors:
Pastor Bill Burnham,  The Everlasting Word
Cheryl McCullough,  Veterans’ News
Jack Nelson,  Hurricane and Storm Watcher

And remember:  Anyone can send in information about an event to be published.  It could be a restaurant review, news from a club activity, or a notice of an upcoming event.

If you’re interested in joining the crew, we can use you.  Contact Shirley at



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