Behavior Matters


At this time in our lives, we’ve all been through hell and back. Sometimes we deserved it and other times we didn’t. We’ve done wrong and have been wronged by people we trusted. We learned you can go after whatever you want.  You don’t have to do it the way everyone else has done it. You can break the rules, but it will cost you. 

Your character was being formed during those ‘growing’ years.  Hopefully, mom and dad did NOT bail your butt out of jail if you deserved to go there. This situation would be a turning point in your life. Did you grow up and take responsibility or did mommy and daddy ‘protect you’ from being held accountable?  If they bailed you out, they failed to teach you this most important lesson.

For every action there is a reaction.  “Take accountability for your actions. You can take all the credit in the world for things you do right as long as you also take responsibility for the things you do wrong. It must be a ‘balanced equation’. You don’t get one without the other.

It also applies when you say something wrong, and you knew it, right after you you said it. We all have tempers and are pushed to the edge at times. You can’t chose how you feel, but you can choose how you react by your behavior. Did you get that uncomfortable feeling when you saw them again, avoid eye contact, etc.?  That can be very stressful. And you know where that leads.

Grow up and act like the adult who was raised in the days when you were taught right from wrong, and when you did wrong there was always a form of punishment to remind you of your wrongdoing. Hopefully, to not do it again.

Some refer to the Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  Once in awhile, the opposite will happen. The one you’ve offended will come to you and forgive you for your action. They’ll let it go this time.  The behavior they chose in response to your wrong doing shows they know you as a friend. But one you’ve hurt.  THAT would be the time for YOU to admit your wrong doing to them. That friendship is priceless and it would be a great loss for you to lose because of pride.  Your behavior matters. Good or Bad.

If you think this article was about you, you’re correct. So, go and make it right with whomever your conscience brought to mind when reading it. 

PS: Texting doesn’t count. 

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