TMAC’s Shortest Meeting

May TMAC Meeting

The May TMAC Meeting was held on Wednesday, May 15th at 3PM in the Clubhouse. There were several replacements representing the committee chairmen which allowed for a quorum.  This is a good thing, and is why we have co-chairs and officers in each committee to cover for the chairmen when they’re not available to attend a meeting. That being said, shouldn’t there always be a representative for each of the committees?  

Those on the board who were present received a paper copy of the latest version of the TMAC BYLAWS. This is a compilation of the amendments and corrections made over the past two years combined into one updated version.  The bylaws should be reviewed every year, especially by new chairman coming in as a board member. The ‘i’s are all dotted and the ‘t’s all crossed. It was a lot of work, and there will be changes made as the years go by. But for now, it looks pretty good.

President, Gary Braun reminded the board and audience to read the articles posted in April’s Minute with the Manager. At the bottom of the article were these attachments:  “TMAC Annual Report, What is TMAC…” It was distributed to all Tanglewood residents. This was a great avenue to spread the word about TMAC and its committees. (You can also find the articles in another section of TWRTimes). 

The board voted to suspend TMAC meetings in June, July, and August, and will resume on September 18, 2024. When the audience was asked if they had any comments, you heard ‘the echoes of the sounds of silence’.  This was one of the shortest meetings held as it was over around 3:40pm.  Apparently the one old grouch has gone up north!  Therefore, the forecast should be a pleasantly eventful summer. Click on the link below to watch the video of the May TMAC meeting.


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