The Perfect Father Matthew 6:9

The Perfect Father  Matthew 6:9

Introduction: Well, let me just start by wishing all our dads out there a “Happy Father’s Day!” If you’re a father, you know good and well, “Father’s Day” isn’t nearly as big as Mother’s Day. The truth of the matter is, dads don’t get a lot of bragging on, and none of us is or had a perfect dad. That’s why on this Father’s Day, I want to brag on my dad! No, I am not talking about my physical dad, though I could brag on him for a long time because, in my mind and eyes, he was a great father and dad! No, I am talking about my heavenly Father who is “The perfect Dad!”

Here in Matthew six, Jesus taught us to pray to our Father in heaven. In two words, Jesus defined the character and the nature of God. God is the Father of every believer and then He further defined the character of God when He says God is our Father in Heaven. That is, He is a heavenly Father or our “perfect Father.” Jesus was talking about the sphere of God’s existence. He is not a father like fathers on earth. Why? Because fathers on earth are imperfect.

Well, God is not an earthly father. He is a Heavenly Father. He is a perfect father, and that is what we want to look at in today’s message: What kind of father is God?

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June 18, 2023 Service and Sermon The Perfect Father

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