Red Is The Color!

Since it is the holiday season, I decided to celebrate with two books sporting bright red covers.  Neither have anything to do Christmas…each with a great story and interesting, though somewhat quirky customers in this first book…such as Kit, Mr. Baker, Maud, Ilse, and Father Anthony, et al.

You do not have to be a music lover to enjoy The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce (2017).  I think you will find this book a pleasure to read, plus getting know all the characters who work or visit the shop.

Setting is in 1988 on a dead-end street in a rundown area of town.  This may be a small shop, but it is filled vinyl recordings of many eras.  Absolutely no CDs will be found on the crowded shelves of this small shop.  Vinyl ONLY!

The Music Shop is a place to relax, listen to music, chat, maybe even sing along with whatever is playing. Frank, the owner, connects with all of his customers. From lovers of classical music to jazz, to the latest rock music.  It is Frank’s personal mission to find music that will please each customer.  Then he selects an album that helps them overcome their issues.

You will also get to know and enjoy the customers who come and go.  Frank knows their names and the music they enjoy.  He often points them to something different from their usual taste.  His “music therapy” choices often help them overcome their issues through the healing power of music, be it Miles Davis, Brian Wilson, Handel, or Led Zeppelin.

The next red book is a quiet mystery entitled The Maid (2022) by Nita Prose.  This tale centers follows the 25-year-old, Molly Gray, as she steps into a new life surround by many new experiences.

Molly has found herself living on her own after her grandmother’s death.  Part of her new life involves finding a job.  She takes on a job as a maid for the 5-Star Regency Hotel.  A job that should serve her needs and talents.

Being very detailed oriented and organized is a plus for quiet young woman.  She feels it is the perfect job.  Molly feels alive again at work.

Issues arrive when the boss loves her work ethic.  Why is that a problem?  Her coworkers do not follow that same ethic at work.  They are jealous of the kudos that come her way.

All of the issues come to a head when Molly is blamed for the murder of a very important, wealthy guest.  She tries to tell others she found the man dead in bed when she went to clean it one morning.  Problem is, Molly lacks the skills to speak up for herself.  Plus, she does not who she can trust.

I think you will find yourself cheering on Molly with all the daily things she endures, things that most of us take for granted.

Happy holidays to all you readers.  If either of these two books are not on the December display, double check the shelves. These two titles are fast reads so they should be back on the shelves very quickly. If not, look for any book with a red cover to read.


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