How to Get a New Attitude for the New Year

How to Get a New Attitude for the New Year  (1 Pe. 1:3-5)

Theme: New Attitude

Introduction: The stress of the holidays and facing a new year can reveal certain attitudes in us. Attitudes, like problems in our Christian life that can either cause us to grow bigger and better or bitter. Our responses determine the results.  Peter is writing to Christians who are really struggling in the midst of heavy persecution (stress & problems) for their faith. And some of them needed a new attitude!


Today, because so many Christians find their faith under fire, and as we face the challenges of a new year, I think we need to be reminded of the same thing. So, as Peter did, I want to talk to you about how to can get a new attitude for the new year that will help us deal with the stress of the holidays, facing the challenges of a new year, as well as problems in our Christian walk.

Conclusion: We don’t have to go through life with an ugly attitude because our faith is under fire, or we are experiencing stress. Rather we can make a choice –

  • We can determine to have a new attitude by focusing on the truth about who we are in Christ instead of our times of crisis.
  • We can direct our attitude toward the word of God to see where you’re going! And focus on the power of God and His promises to get us there!
  • We can develop our attitudes daily as we undergo the process and progress in our Christian walk. (and…)
  • We can demonstrate our new attitude through praise, hope and faith in God’s control of all things! 

Let us choose to make this a Happy New Year!

Listening Guide How to Get a New Attitude for the New Year

December 31, 2023 Service and Sermon  How to Get a New Attitude for the New Year




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