BBBL World Series Champs 🏆 Sluggers

Congrats to the North Champions SLUGGERS in their 24-16 victory over the South Champs YOUNG GUNS tonight in the Clubhouse.  Both teams played great with good sportsmanship all around. Fan participation was fun especially the 7th inning stretch.

Thanks to our BBBL League Sponsor, Tanglewood Home Sales-Robin Etherton for helping us to keep BBB free for Tanglewood to enjoy….and a big shout out for her Opening Pitch to start the game (pictured below with North Commish, John Zeiger)

Thanks also to the Diversions Committee-Chair Bill Rulli for their help all year.

Huge shout out to Pam Batey for her work on game sound effects, and to Kathy Wyatt in the booth putting it all together including her cool scoreboard!

On behalf of our North Commissioners John Zeiger and Mick Karshinski, and from my South Co Commissioners, Greg Plank and Kathy Wyatt…. Thank You for playing BBB this season and keeping both leagues fun!

Have a great Summer!








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