Change Happens, Now Deal With It

A month or so ago, I wrote about pending changes in Tanglewood. Well, the ball dropped and
the changes are in force. I wrote about the fear of change and how many were angry and
unhappy and wanted to fight the inevitable. I am now revising my original message. I’d like to
explore how we can best work together and achieve the fundamental goals of providing help to
other communities with residents only, and have our entertainment too. It may be possible to
have our cake and eat it too. I seriously hope people are not tempted to throw in the towel. I
sincerely hope our community can succeed.

I originally wrote that Change, was a six letter word people hate. Unless, of course, we are
talking about a change which enhances a lifestyle, like winning the lottery. So, what is it about
change that people hate so much? Often times, fear of change involves the unknown. Does the
change take power or privileges away from some, or all of the people? How do we support a
change when we have no control? Well, the truth is, the only choice we have is, how we accept
changes and are we able to come up new opportunities where changes benefit all?

I, like many, wrote letters to prevent the changes and received a polite response that it’s a done
deal. Basically, I was told, we appreciate your concerns but, this is the new Tanglewood. So, I
resigned myself to stop beating my head against an unmoving wall. I do not want to behave
childishly and take my ball home because it doesn’t accomplish anything positive. So, my new
goal is positivity, and hopefully uniting, putting our heads together to see how much we can
accomplish working together.

We understood and enjoyed life in Tanglewood before the change, but what will life be like after
the changes? Will we be as active? Will our golden years be as much fun? Who will be hurt by
the changes? Possibly those who can’t get around easily. It’s an easy golfcart ride and easy
entrance into the clubhouse, but if entertainment becomes lacking or stops altogether, will those
seniors be able to easily get to venues outside of Tanglewood? And, once they arrive, will they
have easy access to the buildings, to their seats and can they afford the prices to attend
entertainment outside of Tanglewood? I believe we can still have good entertainment. There
are other ways to bring in money to ensure quality talent and give to charity.

How do we continue to support charities and financially support top quality entertainment
without the financial support of the outside community? In order to help, people must accept
change and they must respect and understand other’s points of view. Previously, I wrote about
the 6 W’s” of change. Who, What, Where, When, Whatever and Why?

The “Who” came down to, did we know, trust and respect the persons who initiated the
changes? Possibly, some did not trust the people who supported the changes, but the bottom
line is we all have to live within the new rules. So, it no longer matters how or why it happened.
There are rules, and whether we agree, or not, we have to follow them. So, what can we do
now? The answer is, we can be creative and solution oriented. Mutual respect is necessary to
achieve successful change.

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