Restaurant Review: Crossroads Deli & Grill

Ok, everyone, get ready for a culinary experience the likes of which Sebring has never seen!!!

The Crossroads Deli specializes in fresh Mediterranean cuisine served as a buffet!! Because that’s exactly what it is.  We read “deli” and think ham sandwiches!  That’s the wrong image!

Merritt and I popped into the Crossroads to see if it would be a good spot for lunch.  Its very simple and plain inside with a huge “deli” counter.  Nothing popped out at me at first so I wandered closer and found a menu posted by the register.

I started to read: Beef and chicken shawarma or fajitas or kabobs, falafel, pastrami, tuna salad, stuffed grape leaves, meat pies, empanadas, arepas, egg rolls, at least 3 kinds of rice (the Mediterranean rice was delicious), at least 2 kinds of couscous, 2 kinds of eggplant dishes, lamb shanks, lamb chops, baba ganoush, tabouleh, homemade hummus (YUM), various soups, chicken w/spinach and mushrooms, cauliflower like I’ve never tasted before, cauliflower with chicken, kofta (beef not vegetarian), and would you believe, an entire array of delicious pastries!!  They’ll give you a (generous) taste of anything you’d like to try!  And…the food is served as a buffet with the server putting your food onto a plate for you.  We opted to “eat in” and went to a small room to the right. And, would you believe, the menu changes every day?!

After our repast, we met the owner, Jimmy, who was delighted to know I’d be writing about his restaurant. He urged us to taste 5-6 more of the offerings which we eagerly did!  By the way, Jimmy also owns the deli just west of the back gate in the shopping center. His Cuban Sandwiches are renowned!

This is an incredible spot.  They do DoorDash, so if that is better for you, try it.  They even gave us a $5 off coupon for DoorDash!

Prices for the buffet start at $8.99 and go as high as $23.99 depending on your selections. We can’t wait to go back!

Crossroads: Fresh Mediterranean Cuisine

4131 Sun ‘n’ Lake Blvd, Sebring FL (right across from the hospital)


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